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6164 in-depth character profiles from comics, games, movies

Writeups.org is an encyclopaedia of characters in genre fiction — super-hero comic books, video games, action movies, etc. It offers illustrated, researched profiles. These also include technical data for role-players. If you need a robust understanding of a character’s abilities, personality, history, etc. this is *the* place to be.

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News and latest profiles

Writeups.Org’s repository of new and modified powers for the DC Heroes RPG. Which means there’s a lot of stuff, (almost) all of which was necessary to model published characters.

Latest additions:
— Extrasensory Perception.
— Digging (Tunnelling Only) (Packaged Limitation).
— Energy Control.
— Damage Capacity (clarified and expanded).
— Tesseracts Only (packaged Limitation for Dimension Travel).
— Gliding (Air Currents Bonus).
— Aura of Pain.
— Enhance.
— Claws and EV (pricing discussion).
— Consumables-based Recovery for Damage Capacity.
— No Transfer Limitation for Data Storage.
— Grappling Immunity.
— Air Control (Expanding the “buffeting” application).

Also, the article was cleft in two in April of 2017 because it was just too large.

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A paramilitary officer and hand-to-hand killer from the King of Fighters brawling video games.

As of January of 2018, this profile was overhauled. And as of September of 2021, there was a further touch-up because we value discipline and esprit de corps.

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A Weapons Locker about small melee weapon (knives, tonfa, batons, hatchets, etc.). Lots of photos and videos. Dual-statted for DC Heroes and Mutants & Masterminds.

As of September of 2017, this has been upgraded to include new style DCH stats as well as the old style.

As of September of 2021, did a number of tweaks – primarily in the small weapons articles, plus the quarterstaff in the heavy ones.

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